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Understanding the Brain

An article titled "Fostering Your Child’s Self-Regulation"published Nov. 2018 by Samantha Addante, Mira Armans, Lucia Ciciolla, Amanda Morris

helps us understand better the 3 focus centers of the brain. They are:

Thinking Center: Problem solve and ability to stop and think before acting and organize behavior

Emotional Center: Control feelings and calm down when upset

Survival Center: Fight or Flight Response

“When children are in stressful situations, their brain triggers a stress response that is designed to keep them safe. This type of response is called “fight or flight,” and is controlled by the survival center of the brain, which takes over in that moment to keep them safe. After the threat has passed and children feel safe again, the survival center goes back to its usual, calmer functions and the ‘thinking center’ is able to come back online again and help with learning.”*

Healthy Coping Skills are the skills needed to promote self-regulation and help the survival center go back to it's calmer function to allow the emotional and thinking centers to do their jobs of calming down when upset, problem solving and organizing behavior.


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