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16 Free PRINTABLES Teaching Healthy Coping Skills: Spinners, Bingo, Emotion Catchers, and more

Updated: Jan 6

There are fun, interactive ways to engage your kids or students in learning healthy coping skills. Below we have templates for Cope2Hope BINGO, Cross Crawl MIX-UP Spinner, Emotions matching, Emotion catchers and emoji faces to put on paper plates to help kids identify feelings. Each file includes instructions on what you need and how to play.

Little Book of Healthy Coping Skills

Little Book of Healthy Coping Skills
Download PDF • 212KB

Cross-Crawl Mix-Up Spinner

Mix-Up Spinner K-2
Download PDF • 135KB
Mix-Up Spinner Grade 3-5
Download PDF • 142KB

Cope2Hope Group Bingo

Download PDF • 419KB

Emotion Catchers

Emotion Catchers
Download PDF • 391KB


Move Your Body Spinner
Download PDF • 168KB

fill the bucket game

Fill the Bucket Game
Download PDF • 105KB

Emotions Matching Game

Matching Emotions Game
Download PDF • 191KB

Emoji Faces for Paper Plates

Emoji faces for paper plates
Download PDF • 91KB

Thankful ABC's

Thankful ABC's in color
Download PDF • 130KB

Emotions Attack Game

Emotions Attack Grade 3+
Download PDF • 148KB

Free Healthy Coping Skills Poster

You can request free Healthy Coping Posters and Backpack Hang Tags be mailed to you, but if you prefer to print your own poster, here it is.

poster pdf
Download PDF • 410KB

Practice Situations Charades

Download PDF • 99KB

Blow Out Candles Game

Blow out the Candles Game Flash Cards
Download PDF • 63KB

List of Writing Prompts

Writing Prompts
Download PDF • 82KB

Thank you card

Thank you card template.docx
Download PDF • 92KB

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