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Empowering KIDS by teaching HEALTHY Coping Skills and Strategies

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FREE Posters


FREE posters that help teach kids healthy ways to cope. When your KIDS ARE CALM, practice some of these skills, so that when they are frustrated, upset or sad, you can help them choose a way to calm down and work through their emotions.

FREE Coping POSTERS and Back Pack Hang Tags

Request a poster with simple coping techniques with pictures to help kids learn better ways to cope

Contact us to get FREE materials for your school

Safety Fair

Safety Fair packet includes FREE Healthy Coping Skills posters, hang tags and a few activities to pass out at your safety fair. Please allow up to 4 weeks to receive materials

Check out the 8 Books in The
Little Coping Books Collection

Great books teaching how to
Label Emotions and
Healthy Ways to Cope with
BIG emotions!

Search "Angie Jowers" on Amazon to purchase.

Enjoy listening to video recordings of the Little Coping Books On YOUTUBE

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ALSO AVAILABLE:"Easy Read Collection of The Little Coping Books"A collection of all the Little Coping Books ideal for Preschoolers and K-2 readers.

The Little Strawberry, The Little Clock, The Little Snowflake, The Little Music Note, The Little Light Bulb, The Little The Little Crab and The Little Fish.

4 Little Coping Books now available in Spanish, too!
Videos en
español disponible en YouTube

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